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Love Rain Down - A Short Film "Love Rain Down" is a 2012 Official Entry in the Palm Beach International Film Festival

An animated film based on the song "Love Rain Down" from the album "AFropolitan" by Derrick N. Ashong (aka DNA) & Soulfège. The movie follows the tale of a little boy named "Johnny" who makes a trip to the legendary "Crossroads" of Robert Johnson fame, and stands down the Devil armed only with a song...


Check out this Unite Against The War on Women video using our song "Fight On" Then DOWNLOAD the Free mp3 of 'Fight On' via SoundCloud
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Million Download Campaign - The Race to 50K


So it's been another eventful week and we've hit a crucial milestone. Over the weekend we crossed 40K tracks & remixes downloaded from AFropolitan! This has been strictly through word of mouth & people like YOU sharing it on Facebook & Twitter, writing articles, posting about it on your blogs, translating it into seven languages, and telling friends and family to take a chance on some new music & a revolutionary concept

Next Monday the Million DOWNLOAD Campaign will have been in effect for three months. To help us commemorate that moment we are asking you to help us make a real statement. We want to hit 50K tracks downloaded by next Monday April 9th, which means we need to get 10K this week!

To do that we we need your help. Please share this blog post through your social networks, email lists, blogs, newsletters, fan sites and anywhere else you can think to post it. Share it with a friend who would also be willing to share it on their blog, social networks etc. Host a listening/download party & send us the pics! Invite us to do a Skype presentation to your students, colleagues & friends about what this is all about and why we're doing it. Even if you've done ALL this things before, we are asking you to pick two of them to do again this week.

The thing that makes this project so special, is also what makes it so simple. Fundamentally, this is about sharing music you love with the people you love. Imagine you download a great song from iTunes and you want your best friend to hear it. How do you share it? Either you need to ask them to go buy it themselves (which is a good thing to do), or maybe you play it for them when you're together (which is also a good thing to do). But what if in a few clicks you could share it with your friend, your mom, your college roommate and whomever else you think would love it, and they could download and discover the sound that's got your ears abuzz! How easily can you do that today, and how easily can they check out a new and amazing artist they've never heard of before?

The Million DOWNLOAD Campaign not only gives us an opportunity to share our music with you, it also gives us all an opportunity to reflect on how we really want to discover, enjoy and share new music. When we hit that million mark we will have made history by showing the incredible power of an open source approach to sharing music, to put a band and a movement on the map. Help us get to 50K this week. DOWNLOAD & SHARE!



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Me & MED

I am ridiculously behind on posting the latest adventures, but I figure better late than never. Had an awesome convo w/ Michael Eric Dyson about a month-and-a-half ago about music, society, the state of Hip Hop & the AFropolitan album. We even had a live sing-a-long to some classic Sam Cooke. Definitely a good time & way more fun than a talk with your average academic. ;) Will try & check in w/ him again before our next show in DC. In the meantime, you can check out our last encounter here.

B-Day Listening Party - LiveBlog noonET

AFropolitan by D N Ashong and Soulfege

Hey All, today's the special day! Normally my birthday goes by w/o much fanfare since I usually don't think about it 'til the last minute, but this year I'm doing something different.  At noon ET (just over an hour) I'll be doing a "virtual listening party" right here & on twitter. Instead of "receiving" a gift this year, I'm giving one, and it is the gift of music to all of you who have supported my creative/political/generally-opinionated voice over the years.

If you haven't yet heard the music, download it above or here on Soundcloud. At 12pm ET I'll be live-blogging notes on the album, answering questions about the music, the messages & how it relates to ongoing events in our world. The goal is to try to give some insight into the madness behind the method, and to encourage people to SPREAD THE WORD!

Usually, live-tweeting is more my speed, so the live-blog will be a first. Should be fun so tell a friend! See you right here in an hour or so! :)




Streaming Saturdays 6/11/2011

It's Saturday and after a week away we are LIVE once again on The Experience. Plenty to talk about this week in the realm of politics including the launch of the 2012 race, emails from Sarah Palin, inappropriate tweets from Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and President Obama's approval ratings. And we'll take a bit of time to talk about the "Penny Tax Debt Plan" with Rep. Chaka Fata (D-PA). We also have an awesome lineup of guests with expertise in Politics, Media, Social Media, Music and Technology. All in all this is gonna be a great show so make sure you tune in and call in. 

As always you can get the scoop on the stories D has been reading all week over at Reddit.

Be sure to add your voice to the mix, give us a shout at 866-677-2496 or on Twitter or Facebook where you can chime in on some of the questions we'll be asking on the air.

It all starts at 12 noon ET (9am PT) - see you then!! 

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The Swedish Are Coming...maybe

So I just read this TechCrunch article on some of the challenges facing music service "Spotify" in launching their US service.  I met Swedish founder Daniel Ek at the Monaco Media Forum a few years back and he is not only a brilliant guy, but is hella' cool.  So while I felt a slight twinge at the heaping dose of British snark being dished out by Tech Crunch's Paul Carr, I couldn't help but crack-up at his depiction of European perspectives on Americans. My favourite line:

"Trying to conquer America with arrogance is like trying to conquer a sheep with wool"

Love it.  The article itself actually makes a very good argument about how upstart music platform Rdio is grabbing marketshare with an apparently inferior product, while Spotify is still negotiating with the major labels to enable it's US launch.  Since I'm in Cali I haven't been able to use Spotify myself (I've been on some sort of waiting list since...umm, 2007?), but my European peeps tell me it's the best thing since Gnutella on digital baguettes.  Guess we'll have to wait & see.  More power to the Swedes...