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An animated film based on the song "Love Rain Down" from the album "AFropolitan" by Derrick N. Ashong (aka DNA) & Soulfège. The movie follows the tale of a little boy named "Johnny" who makes a trip to the legendary "Crossroads" of Robert Johnson fame, and stands down the Devil armed only with a song...


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B-Day Listening Party - LiveBlog noonET

AFropolitan by D N Ashong and Soulfege

Hey All, today's the special day! Normally my birthday goes by w/o much fanfare since I usually don't think about it 'til the last minute, but this year I'm doing something different.  At noon ET (just over an hour) I'll be doing a "virtual listening party" right here & on twitter. Instead of "receiving" a gift this year, I'm giving one, and it is the gift of music to all of you who have supported my creative/political/generally-opinionated voice over the years.

If you haven't yet heard the music, download it above or here on Soundcloud. At 12pm ET I'll be live-blogging notes on the album, answering questions about the music, the messages & how it relates to ongoing events in our world. The goal is to try to give some insight into the madness behind the method, and to encourage people to SPREAD THE WORD!

Usually, live-tweeting is more my speed, so the live-blog will be a first. Should be fun so tell a friend! See you right here in an hour or so! :)



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